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Safe Families for Children at HWAM

As a Host Family, caring for a child in your home, or a Family Friend, standing alongside a family offering wisdom and guidance or providing essential support through material goods, you will impact your community for good and potentially help a family chart a course to sustained health and success.

Our Community-Our Guardian Angels

This video was shown at our 2014 Annual Homeless To Hopeful event and gives a true perspective on how your donations provide a better life, hope, community and support to at-risk youth coming to Hearts With A Mission. Thank you for all you do!
-------> Shortened Version Here: Our Kids, Our Community!

The Youth's Perspective

This video gives the viewer the youth's perspective of receiving services and living at the Hearts With A Mission Youth Shelter.

Shortened version of "Youth's Perspective" video above. This is helpful for showing at churches, youth groups, school presentations, civic groups, etc.

Youth Mentors - Building Authentic Relationships

This is a very touching story about how a young girl is benefiting from both Hearts With A Mission and Rogue Valley Youth For Christ and how the two are collaborating to ensure hurting youth do not fall through the cracks.

Changing Young Lives

A glimpse of the hope and compassion we are sharing with the youth at Hearts With A Mission and what you-our supporters-have helped to accomplish in young kids heart's and lives. Thank You!

The Beginning: Original Hearts With A Mission PSA

Safe & Secure
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