Educational Support

Education - Motivating, Empowering, Inspiring

All youth staying at the shelter are required to be enrolled in school, pursuing a GED, or seeking employment. A significant part of this goal is to pair sheltered youth with an Educational Coordinator/Life Coach who provides youth with the support and resources they need to succeed in school.
Every youth who enters the shelter is supported in developing an Education Plan with a major goal of removing barriers toward achieving academic success. If the youth has dropped out of school, the Education Coordinator helps the youth re-enroll. The Educational Coordinator works as a liaison with school personell and other shelter staff & volunteers to help the youth stabilize and get back on track with his/her academics.
Overall, the Coordinator is responsible for encouraging and empowering  youth to stay on top of academics and helps the youth understand the importance that education has in everyday life. The Coordinator monitors the youth's daily attendance, grades and progress towards their goals. Additionally, the Education Coordinator goes into schools to provide youth with information regarding HWAM and services available for those in need.
The Educational Coordinator will:
  • Enroll/Register youth in school
  • Create an Education Plan with youth-addressing strengths/weakness, setting goals
  • Monitor daily attendance, grades, missing homework, goals & objectives
  • Meet with youth weekly to discuss their Education Plan
  • Document Progress
  • Hold youth accountable
  • Communicate with counselors and teachers regarding academics

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