Aftercare Services


Our Life Coaches, Counselors and Case Managers facilitate support during the period of transition from the youth shelter to the next setting, including a continuation of connection (per youth preference) to foster a safe exit plan and promote permanent connections with caring adults. The purpose of Aftercare is for maintaining contact with youth and parents, updating goals/strategies, continued linkage to community resources for school/job and ensure youth's continued safety, well-being and stable living environment.
Youth are encouraged to stay connected. We offer continued support and guidance through the following:
  • Tutoring and homework help
  • Safe Recreational Activities
  • Additional counseling & family support
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Support and encouragement from the staff
  • Job search an housing help
  • Meals and drop-in services
  • Continued connection with safe adults
Aftercare services & support are offered to all youth/families in the program. Aftercare counseling is provided free-of-charge for up to 30 days after a youth has exited the program. Extended counseling may be available on a sliding-fee scale.